One day you are moving through life — happy and comfortable. Then, bam!

At the wrong time, an unexpected bill, car repair, medical expense or just something that was not budgeted for happens — and you need money. Fast.
Préstamos Promejora® is here and ready to help. We are not a payday lender but are faster and more flexible than a bank. No bank accounts are required, perfect credit is not needed, and our team will work with you to help you establish an affordable monthly payment plan. All of this happens FAST — usually the same day.

We offer installment loans with set terms and equal monthly payments, no balloon payments or prepayment penalties.

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Loan

1. Phone your local branch.

You can also start your loan process by calling a local branch and working with a representative to help with your inquiry.

Find Your Local Branch

2. Stop by a local branch.

You can stop by one of our conveniently located local branches and work directly with one of our representatives.  If approved, you can typically pick up a check the same day.

Find Your Local Branch

3. Start your loan online

Click on “Start your Loan”, choose your closest branch and provide the information that will be indicated below. One of our advisors will contact you shortly to continue with the process.

Start your loan

When you need a fast and secure financial solution, your friends at Préstamos Promejora® are here to help.

After completing the inquiry, a Préstamos Promejora® team member will contact you to discuss your loan needs. Should you choose to continue with a loan application, we will complete a verification and underwriting process to determine if you qualify for a loan in the amount you requested. Our personnel can assist in finding an installment loan within your budget and suited to your specific needs.

What We Need When You Apply For A Loan

Branch personnel will need the following information:

  • Official ID
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • 4 references: 2 work-related and 2 personal references

And, as part of the application process, you must authorize us to obtain a credit bureau report to evaluate your credit and payment history.

When an application is approved, the branch personnel will let you know of any additional items that may be needed. If all information is available and can be verified, an application decision may be made within an hour; however, there are circumstances where the decision may take longer.

If you choose to become one of our valued customers, you may make your monthly payment at the branch where you obtained the loan by cash, check, money order, or a debit card. If you prefer, you may also mail a check or money order, or use our mobile app to make your monthly payment.

Throughout the process, remember that Préstamos Promejora® is here to help. We pride ourselves on being readily available to answer financial or account questions, and always keeping communication open, honest and respectful.

Loan Granted Number of Payments Amount to Pay Final Loan Amount
$2,000 6 $620 $3,720
$3,000 6 $930 $5,580
$4,000 9 $840 $7,560
$5,000 9 $1,050 $9,450
$4,000 12 $640 $7,680
$5,000 12 $810 $9,720
$6,000 12 $960 $11,520
$7,000 12 $1,120 $13,440
$8,000 12 $1,200 $14,400
$9,000 12 $1,,370 $16,440
$10,000 12 $1,450 $17,400

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